freelance co-operatively...

We're developing a tool to bring freelancers together to work in collaboration to achieve better results, with shared responsibility and healthier more supportive working relationships

Why co-pitch?

  • adjust Pitch for work together. Begin the process of collaboration at the earliest stage, and decide together how to best work as a team when you have space - before the work is won
  • adjust Share risk & responsibility. In a hierarchy (or subcontracting) the risk and responsibility is concentrated in one place. CoPitch encourages that risk and responsibility will be shared throughout the team
  • adjust Don't work alone. The mutual support of a collaborative working relationship is invaluable, and can increase your productivity and wellbeing. CoPitch makes forming a project team much easier, so you're more likely to bid for work with others

CoPitch is aimed at freelancers who wish to work in teams with shared responsibility, co-operative principles and mutual support

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